Pleated Bag Dust Collector

Typical Applications:

  • Woodworking, Cement

  • Mining, Plastic

  • Carbon Black

  • Lime, Food

Main Features:

  • Wide pleat space and narrow pleat filters

  • Up to 300% more filter area than traditional bags

  • Much more compact structure than ordinary baghouse

  • Higher efficiency than needle felt bags

Product Overview

Pleated bags are made of spun bond polyester filter media. They are one-piece structure completed with end caps and inner cores. They can be installed in existing baghouse dust collectors; replacing traditional needle felt bags and bag cages. The baghouse with pleated bags provide a significant update than traditional pulse jet needle felt baghouse collectors. The baghouse with pleated bags dramatically increase filter area and efficiency than needle felt bags while operate at much lower differential pressure. Compared with traditional needle felt bags, the pleated bags increase filter area by 100~300%, which allow for much smaller dust collector size.

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Technical Parameters

Model Filter Size Filters Filter Area Airflow
T10 OD146X1000MM 90PCS 207 M2 10000~18000CMH
T13 OD146X1300MM 90PCS 270 M2 13000~24500CMH
T20 OD146X2000MM 90PCS 414 M2 20000~36000CMH