Skid Mounted Dust Collector


  • Sandblasting

  • Pigment & Painting

  • Grinding & Polishing

  • Mining & other portable dust extraction

Main Features:

  • Suitable for trailer mount or forklift transportation

  • Vertically mounted cartridge filters

  • Standard pulse jet cleaning system

  • Various power options for fan drive

Product Overview

Cellulose air filter cartridges are suitable for fine and high fluidity dust collections such as welding and cutting fume. They can let the dust collector work at very high efficiency. The cellulose cartridges can not only be installed our own dust collectors, but also be installed in other brand dust collectors. We can supply special filter cartridges on customers’ request.

Product Video

Product Photos

Technical Parameters

Model Cartridges Filter Area 1 Filter Area 2
P2-4 4 84 m2 37.6 m2
P2-8 8 168 m2 75.2 m2
P3-6 6 126 m2 56.4 m2
P3-12 12 252 m2 112.8 m2
P3-18 18 378 m2 169.2 m2
P3-24 24 504 m2 225.6 m2
Filter area 1: Cellulose cartridges, size 324X915; Filter area 2: Polyester cartridges, size 324X915