Vacuum Dust Collector

Typical Applications:

  • Cement, Chemical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Food, Foundry

  • Factory Central Vacuum Clean

Main Features:

  • Extreme strong structure to withstand high vacuum

  • Cone shape deflector knocks down large particles

  • Automatic pulse jet clean bags

  • Standard service platform

Product Overview

Vacuum dust collector is designed for a variety of central dust collections. Compact structure with welded heavy steel plates, the equipment covers minimum space. They can be used for low volume, heavy dust load applications. The special flat bags are easier for hard dusts cleaning. Due to the low profile design, the unit can be installed in indoor or outdoor. High efficient and durable bag can make the equipment suitable for most industrial dust collections.

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Technical Parameters

Model Bags Filter Area Airflow
G10 10 PCS 10 M2 3000CMH
G20 20 PCS 20 M2 6000CMH